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4-Liter Water Boiler and Warmer, Silver Brown

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Zojirushi Micom 4-Liter Water Boiler and Warmer, Silver Brown

Product Description

Color: Silver Brown | Size: 4-Liter

Zojirushi Micom water boiler and warmer has a micro computerized temperature control and electric dispensing system. It has four keep warm temperature settings: 140, 175, 195, 208 degree F. This unit displays actual water temperature at all times. It is also has an energy saving timer function (6 - 10 hours) and automatically turns on the boiler at a later time to save electricity. Steam-save function automatically lowers the power just before boiling to reduce the amount of stem emitting from the steam vent. Cafe' drip dispensing mode decreases the amount of water dispensed to 60% of the normal setting, making it suitable for brewing cafe' drip coffee.